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Virtual Organizing is the innovative process of helping clients to become organized remotely using technology like our telephone, email, digital photos, videos, and video calls. Just like on-site organizing sessions, Virtual Organizing includes structure, timing and goals. The only difference is you do the physical organizing and we provide verbal guidance and support. This can be the “Jump Start” you need to begin your organizing process or even “Tune-ups” after on-site appointments. If you don’t have the time to commit to a full onsite session these sessions are for you. Usually, each session is 1/2-hour in length and are a part of a series of sessions. There is also a financial benefit, Virtual Organizing reduces cost significantly compared to having an organizer onsite.

This method of organization is for people who need and want to learn basic techniques or learn best with instructions and feel they can do the physical organizing on their own (We like to call them DIYers). This service is also for you if you’re a long-distance client and those who have narrow timeframes for organizing appointments.

 It's essential for today's busy people and families to have systems and   routines in place to manage your   time and clutter. Your home should   be a haven from chaos and stress   and GET ORGANIZED will help you   achieve this by providing:


  • Customized Organizing Solutions

  • Decluttering Services

  • General Household Organizing - Kitchen, Closets, Playroom, Office, Garage, Bathroom, Laundry, Basement
  • Home Staging

  • Maintenance Plans

  • Storage Assessment

  • Paper Management

 Whether your business is home-   based or bricks and mortar you   need to be efficient and productive   to be profitable. GET ORGANIZED   provides the following consulting   services to keep your office   organized and help you reach your   goals: 


  • Customer Service Training

  • Displays/Product Presentation

  • Employee Coaching

  • Layout Efficiency & Flow

  • Management Consultation

  • Paper Management

  • Storage Assessment

  • Workspace Functionality 

  • Organizational Workshops/Seminars

  • Guest Speaking

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