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GET ORGANIZED is passionate about simplicity, order and design. We offer consultation services, hands-on assistance and virtual organizing to transform your home or office into a calm and functional environment.


GET ORGANIZED will help you declutter by creating customized organizing solutions and easy to maintain routines that match your unique lifestyle and budget.

GET ORGANIZED is ready to help you let go, gain control and live a more satisfying and simplistic life. It's not about perfection, it's about what's right for you!

Whether your business is home-based or bricks and mortar you need to be efficient and productive to be profitable. GET ORGANIZED provides the following consulting services to keep your office organized and help you reach your goals: 


  • Customer Service Training

  • Displays/Product Presentation

  • Employee Coaching

  • Layout Efficiency & Flow

  • Management Consultation

  • Paper Management

  • Storage Assessment

  • Workspace Functionality 

  • Organizational Workshops/Seminars

  • Guest Speaking

It's essential for today's busy families to have systems and routines in place to manage your time and clutter. Your home should be a haven from chaos and stress and GET ORGANIZED will help you achieve this by providing:


  • Customized Organizing Solutions

  • Decluttering Services

  • General Household Organizing - Kitchen, Closets, Playroom, Office, Garage, Bathroom, Laundry, Basement
  • Home Staging

  • Maintenance Plans

  • Storage Assessment

  • Paper Management